The Border Celts

Allegiance To None!!!

Across history in various countries, dance as a form of ritual display is performed by local tribesmen and women to ward off any strangers who would venture across the borders into their lands. The warrior dance was devised to frighten each other off with the fiercest display.

In 1999, inspired by the ancient steps and the Pictish warriors of Scotland a contemporary dance team was created, emerged and evolved.   Along this journey our kinsmen an Ghille Mor joined as sword bearers to the clan chief and the rest...well that's history..

              ...Cast your minds the ancient Highlandsof the 1st century BC...

    ...When defiant Rogues and Misfits... woad-faced warriors... met in the shadows of the night...

                                     a dance like training in order for BATTLE...

                            Lords and Ladies

                                                 The olde world brought into the new

The Border Celts


 an Ghille Mor


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